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Brilliant Thoughts
Into Captivating Copy

Renowned for helping executives, professionals, and corporations "elevate how they communicate," Eloquence Unlimited is a full-service copywriting and copyediting agency based in Charleston,South Carolina, servicing clients globally.

Led by CEO and Senior Copywriter, Keonta' Ramsey, our talented team of writers and business partners collaborate in creating the most awe-inspiring and attention grabbing copy. By understanding the complexity of transforming brilliant thoughts into captivating copy and brand messages, we take pride in not only knowing what to say but how to best say it.


Expertly crafted copy opens the windows to unlimited opportunities, earning potential, and expanded networking, so our gifted writers, editors, graphic designer work to strategically tell our client’s stories in a way that makes it impossible not to grab the reader’s attention!


CEO & Chief Copywriter

Keonta' Ramsey

Chief Eloquence Officer & Visionary:
Keonta' Ramsey

As the Founder of Eloquence Unlimited, Keonta’ Ramsey can best be described as the love child of Maya Angelou and Malcolm X…when she speaks (or writes) people sit up and listen.

An accomplished copywriter and kick-butt communications strategist, she uses quick wit, intuitive wordplay, and a solutions-focused perspective to transform the thoughts of brilliant leaders, change agents, and business owners into captivating copy that connects, compels, and converts.


On hope, prayer, and a dare, what began as a side hustle in 2017, has quickly evolved into an incredibly successful and equally rewarding copywriting agency, birthed from Keonta’s love of storytelling. She has also amassed a reputation for being an entertaining speaker, enthusiastic panelist, and informative workshop presenter, actively engaging audiences of all types by sharing her innovative and inspiring perspectives on life, leadership, and professionalism.


A connoisseur of french fries, dirty chai tea lattes, Auntie & Me play dates, you can always find her at a food truck festival with friends, local coffee shop blazing away at her keyboard, or enjoying time with her nieces and family.


For Speaking Engagements & Workshop Hosting

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To elevate how passion-driven world leaders communicate through articulate wordplay, thought provoking brand messaging, and authentic communication assets.

Our Mission


By believing in what we help you achieve, we keep these values at the forefront of all our client and partner relationships

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

  • Compassion

  • Service

The Eloquence Unlimited Effect

Our brilliant team of communication experts and wordplay whizzes deliver an array of conveniently packaged, all-inclusive copywriting services, guaranteed to help master your messaging and leave you feeling perfectly equipped and empowered to tap into boundless opportunities.

We like to call this the Eloquence Unlimited Effect – a feeling you and your readers will never forget!

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